Everyone has a story, ours happens to begin in the heart of Milwaukee’s Northside. I’m from playing cans on sidewalks, rough housing in public housing, staying out past street lights & staying awake until sunrise.. staying alive long enough to make it out. When I made it out my mother sent a prayer for me, requesting I’d never be without. I guess someone heard her call. Ma your boy skipped rocks in Paris, felt rain fall at the Eiffel. Rode atvs through the Sahara and stood at the foot of the pyramids. No matter how far I drift, I’ll always return to the city that raised me. ‘Never Or Now’ is for Milwaukee in recognition of the leaps we take. 

Taking a leap into the ever evolving world of NFTs I chose to begin bidding at .414 ETH, an homage to my city’s area code. ‘Never Or Now’ details a Northside kid and his journey to Cairo, Egypt. 

This Friday 10/29 we’ll celebrate the life of the woman who made it all possible. Happy Birthday Ma. We love you 

Sincerely yours,

DeJhon Myquale



3831 N 22nd Milwaukee, WI


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